Thuraya will improve its ThurayaDSL in 2008

ThurayaDSL Modem reports that Thuraya is planning to introduce the second generation terminal for its ThurayaDSL high-speed satellite service in the first quater 2008. The company wants to increase maximum transfer speed, make it smaller and add more functionality.

Although the preliminary design was reportedly approved last spring and talks have started with the manufacturer (Hughes), we have no information whether the improved modem will be based on the current laptop-sized Hughes 9102 terminal, which supports up to 144Kbps (only theoretically) and weighs about 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg).

Sounds like a long, long shot for Thuraya, given the fact that right now Inmarsat BGAN terminals already offer greater transfer speeds and satellite footprint, lots of fucntionality and comparable size and service rates.