Thuraya overhauls its prepaid offerings

On May 8, 2009, Thuraya quite unexpectedly discontinued its CLASSIC flat-rate prepaid plan for satellite phones. No new activations are possible, even for the SIM-cards purchased before that date.

All existing Thuraya CLASSIC, SUPER and EASY prepaid accounts have been converted to the new Thuraya PREPAY plan with one-year validity commencing on May 10, 2009. The PREPAY plan features $1.49/min. flat rate to landlines and cellphones around the world, $0.99/min. in-network calling and $0.49 per text message. Incoming calls and messages are always free (for the Thuraya subscriber). The annual fee is $39.00, waived for heavy users (>$1500 of satellite calls per year).

As a result, Thuraya currently offers three prepaid plans: PREPAY, ThurayaECO (cheap calls in 83 countries) and MARITIME.