How to use Twitter from Iridium satellite phone

More and more often we hear from professional travelers about being able to update their Twitter accounts during their travels.  After all, you can use Twitter not only to promote their travels and good causes, but also keep friends, fans and the world updated about your adventures from the very place they happen. So we have compiled a short manual on how to use Iridium satellite phones for “tweeting”:

Step 1 – Before you travel

Before you depart for your trip, visit and allow this website to access your existing Twitter account. You will be given a unique email address ( which you will use to send your Twitter updates from the satellite phone.

You might want to test the set-up before your trip, so turn on your satellite phone, go outside and register it in the Iridium network and proceed to Step 2. (Don’t have the phone yet? Get one at

Step 2 – During your travel

Send an email message from your Iridium phone to the email address. Here is how to do this:

  • Create a new text message (SMS) on your Iridium phone.
  • Enter the following in the message body: your Twittermail address[space]Twitter message. For example, “ I am on the top of the mountain, the view is awesome!” Don’t forget about the 140-symbol limit for any Twitter update.
  • When asked for the recipient phone number, enter *2. Proceed to sending the message. You’re done — your message should appear on your Twitter page within minutes.

Good luck!