SATTRANS Iridium 9555 Office Docking Station certified

We are glad to announce that SATTRANS Iridium 9555 Office Docking Station has been successfully tested and approved by Iridium Communications Inc. for commercial use in connection with the Iridium satellite communications system. The Iridium 9555 Office Docking Station enables Iridium subscribers to use Iridium 9555 satellite phones indoors, where the satellite coverage is not normally available. Any office, home, shelter or similar indoor area can be quickly set up with the docking solution to ensure that the Iridium phone will be connected to the satellite network.


  • Two-mode operation of calls – The docking station provides users with two alternatives of maintaining voice calls over the satellite phone: 1) hands-free mode via the built-in speaker and microphone, 2) private mode via optional handset or earset.
  • Data capable via built-in data port (mini-USB) – The docking station allows users to connect the satellite phone to a computer and use all standard Iridium data services, Direct Internet 3 software as well as third-party software and hardware add-on solutions such as OCENS Mail and XWeb, Vizada’s Skyfile, DigiGone Secure Chat and others.
  • Standard antenna port – The port enables connecting a variety of commercially available Iridium antennae.
  • Charges phone battery – The charging function keeps the satellite phone operational without the need to remove the phone from the docking station and thus disconnecting from the satellite network.
  • The desktop stand – The stand will help organize and conveniently place the docking station with the phone on desks or any flat surface
  • Easy installation and portability – The product is easy to install and extremely portable, making it possible to move and install at different locations if necessary.

The rigorous certification process completed by Iridium included testing of all standard features of the Iridium phone and services while installed in the 9555 office docking station: voice calling, dial-up data and RUDICS, text messaging (SMS) and short-burst data (SBD).

SATTRANS’ other docking solutions for Iridium include Vehicle & Marine Docking Station for Iridium 9505A and 9555 satellite phones.