Thuraya updates ThurayaECO prepaid plan

Thuraya, a UAE-based mobile satellite operator, updates one of its prepaid offerings — ThurayaECO plan. The plan, which provides discounted calling from 83 countries, will now have one-year of initial validity (instead of 30 days) and $5 of initial credit (instead of $2). The longer validity term is definitely good news for customers, who now will not need to worry about their SIM expiring within days after the initial use (or sometimes purchase).

It should be mentioned that in return Thuraya introduces a $15 annual renewal fee, which wasn’t present before. And the best news — all existing ThurayaECO subscribers will have their accounts renewed for one year (from July 1, 2010) at no charge!

Calling rates have remained unchanged: $0.75/min. to cell/landline phones, $0.50/min. to Thuraya phones and voicemail.

starting July 1, 2010
Preloaded airtime $5.00 $2.00
Initial SIM validity 12 months 30 days
Annual renewal fee $15.00
Grace period (after SIM expiry) 90 days 60 days
Unused balance is… …retained during the Grace period,
restored if
…lost after SIM expiry

Thuraya overhauls its prepaid offerings

On May 8, 2009, Thuraya quite unexpectedly discontinued its CLASSIC flat-rate prepaid plan for satellite phones. No new activations are possible, even for the SIM-cards purchased before that date.

All existing Thuraya CLASSIC, SUPER and EASY prepaid accounts have been converted to the new Thuraya PREPAY plan with one-year validity commencing on May 10, 2009. The PREPAY plan features $1.49/min. flat rate to landlines and cellphones around the world, $0.99/min. in-network calling and $0.49 per text message. Incoming calls and messages are always free (for the Thuraya subscriber). The annual fee is $39.00, waived for heavy users (>$1500 of satellite calls per year).

As a result, Thuraya currently offers three prepaid plans: PREPAY, ThurayaECO (cheap calls in 83 countries) and MARITIME.