Inmarsat FleetBroadband vs Iridium OpenPort

FleetBroadand 150 vs Iridium OpenPort

Panbo – The Marine Electronics Blog has an excellent post comparing Inmarsat FleetBroadband and Iridium OpenPort equipment and services in real time boating conditions. These two mobile satellite solutions, offering high-speed Internet and voice services, are relatively new on the marine market that makes this review even more valuable. Panbo’s authors has been using both systems on one boat sailing from Northeast US to New Zealand and provided detailed accounts on speed of data transfer, voice quality, service up-time, power usage and use of data compression software.

With the price tag of around $5,000 (installation and airtime not included), both FleetBroadband (150-series) and OpenPort can be an affordable but robust option to satisfy communication requirements and tighter budgets of smaller leisure boats and fishing operators.


Iridium reports growth in 2Q 2009

Iridium Satellite LLC released its operating and financial results for the 2nd quarter 2009. Although the number of subscribers rose by healthy 23.9% to 347,000 (compared to the same period of 2008), the revenue remained flat, growing  by just 1.2% to $82.7 million. Still, the net income jumped by more than 50% to $28.6 million, which is quite impressive.

By attracting new subscribers and releasing new products and services (such as the Iridium 9555 handset and the OpenPort maritime communications system) in the last several quarters, Iridium is going to be well positioned to enjoy recovery in the global economic climate.